Introduction to the 4th edition

An introduction to the fourth edition

Applied Philosophy

Dear Reader,

Here is the fourth edition of our mis-adventure ‘On Foundations of Healing: A new framework for an old frontier.’ which will be available from 15th January 2021 on Amazon Kindle. So what’s new?

After consultation with my insightful public relations advisor spanning several months, I have finally decided to seamlessly remove all references to the ‘West’ in the document. Even though it has not been my intention, she points out that some may misinterpret it as being divisive or worse still, seek to misuse my words to steal attention irrespective of which side they don’t see themselves on. I have since come to the conclusion that, even though we may not be responsible for how others might choose to interpret our words, we can certainly still choose to be more responsible.

In return for our efforts to be more inclusive we appear to have been awarded an updated answer to question fifteen, ‘What are systems of control?’. This answer now contains a diagram (Figure 3. The Unified Model of Change at the level of human experience). This diagram reminds me of a pyramid from the last century. I can’t quite remember its name.

I have also tightened articulation within the second last paragraph within the answer to question eleven, ‘What is an archetype?’.

I will be presenting the ideas put forward in the fourth edition to the Existentialist Society of Melbourne in April 2021. I am currently in discussion with a number of individuals interested in the book.

My next book will be at the layer of ‘process’ and the ideas will be linked in partnership with several online platforms including a leading one in the cryptocurrency space.

Seasons Greetings & an Adventurous New Year!


Faithfully yours,

Dr Sasha Kanthan

Professional Facilitator

On Foundations of Healing