Is there free will?

Is there free will?

Applied Philosophy

Dear Reader,

There is no free will because every choice that we appear to make is simply a consequence of prior choices amongst a network of individuals. Surprisingly, the moment that we accept this is the moment that the possibility of free will actually opens up to us, albeit at a higher level. It seems to operate like a binary quantum state conceptually. The way to stabilise the state is to anchor it to the welfare of the Other through the elucidation of shared values.

When free will is anchored in this manner and formalised in writing, the message generates an intense sense of meaning through shared purpose. The end result is a legitimate hierarchy of competence with You at the centre.


Faithfully yours,

Dr Sasha Kanthan
Professional Facilitator
On Foundations of Healing 🌤️

PS. This philosophical letter contains an excerpt from the book On Foundations of Healing™, a simple, robust, and accessible system of modern philosophical definitions ⛱️

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