Welcome Creators of Positive Change!

Applied Philosophy

Dear Reader,

I wish to extend a warm welcome to the creators of positive change amongst us.

Our Mission

We are an emerging network of thought leaders who create opportunities for healing through connection, commitment, and community.

Our Vision

If life is a journey of mis-expectations then it is learning to respond to our differences as individuals that gifts us pause for both self-reflection and awakening. We look forward to a world of individuals.

Our Values

We believe that we exist for our shared values, for it is only through caring for something bigger than ourselves that we are given permission to be ourselves.

Our core message to the individual

Your circumstances can define you OR you can choose to define yourself.

Our core message to society

Within ten years we as a society could accomplish the impossible and actively transition our region into a global beacon of productivity and prosperity. It won’t be easy and will require a combination of focus, passion, and perseverance. Therein lay a priceless reward.

An incredible shared journey awaits us.


Faithfully yours,

Dr Sasha Kanthan
Professional facilitator
On Foundations of Healing 🌤️

PS. A carefully crafted ‘Values statement’ orientates us not just as individuals but as a collective of individuals. It serves as a compass as we step forward together to meet our shared destiny.

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