Better late then never

What are meta-values?

Applied Philosophy

Dear Reader,

The hero archetype is foundational to our behavioural template whereby betrayal occurs at three ascending levels:

  1. Personal
  2. Professional
  3. Political

Each level of betrayal gifts us an opportunity to reframe and win three of nine meta-values respectively:

  1. Personal: Privacy, Exclusivity, Responsibility.
  2. Institutional: Transparency, Accessibility, Accountability.
  3. Transcendent: Connection, Commitment, Community.

And it is in the defence of all nine meta-ideals on the eternal battlefield of life that we are eventually called upon to articulate three sacred statements:

  1. Mission. Vision. Values.
  2. Core message to the individual. Core message to society.
  3. Acknowledgment of country.

Finally, when all three flares are seen to rise in the night sky, be it known that the hero archetype has fallen.


Faithfully yours,

Dr Sasha Kanthan
Professional Facilitator
On Foundations of Healing 🌦️

This philosophical letter is dedicated without prejudice to any individual who has ever felt the sting of profound betrayal. Always remember that the light at the end of the tunnel is not an oncoming freight train. You are the freight train. Choose to gently lay down your own tracks and keep going 🚇

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