What is a language game?

Applied Philosophy

Dear Reader,

A ‘language game’ is a set of definitions organised around a collective human response to a perceived challenge. Language games instruct benefits for the adherent by providing:

  1. A platform to learn.
  2. A role to carry out.
  3. A place to belong.

And for the group by securing:

  1. Purpose
  2. Harmony
  3. Longevity

Comparative analysis of the underlying value-system, trajectory, and lifecycle of language games can be achieved through simple deconstruction into the Three Dimensions of Humanity:

  1. Narrative
  2. Challenge
  3. Relationship

How might this knowledge confer a strategic business advantage for both domestic and international trade?


Faithfully yours,

Dr Sasha Kanthan
Professional Facilitator
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PS. The idea of the ‘language game’ is foundational to our understanding of organisational behaviour. The goal is to replicate a culture of excellence.

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