What is a linguistic corridor?

Applied Philosophy

Dear Reader,

A ‘linguistic corridor’, or words structured, anchored, and published, is the second of three fundamental approaches to the universal paradigm of influence. While this paradigm is open to discovery by any individual of sufficient character, it remains a highly prized asset that transcends ownership.

The legitimate practice of influence requires that our goal be the pursuit of community standards. More importantly, we as both individuals and a society get to discuss and define what those standards might actually look like in practical terms.

I find it helpful to have an evolving conceptual framework to guide these sorts of discussions especially when I encounter passionate individuals who might feel inspired by both personal circumstances and lofty ideals but have no coherent answer to the question:

‘What is your core message?’

Speaking for myself, these individuals will begin with partially integrated reflections upon their Journey Of Experience and often have published (or near published) works that provide a window on to metaphors that define their self-imposed limitations. The one remaining test they often face is getting through the day, let alone a year. I consider these individuals uncut diamonds waiting to be discovered within our shared ‘Field Of Experience’.

What exactly is a Field Of Experience? A Field Of Experience is simply the space around us at any given moment in time and within which we appear to seamlessly discern the existence of both animate and inanimate objects. Under what conditions would it ever occur to us that we ourselves might be looking out from an object within this Field Of Experience?

Furthermore, how might we relate to such a simple epiphany? Perhaps we might notice that we can choose to act upon said objects just as said objects might in turn act upon us? And over which of these two acts might we have any meaningful control?

This then begs the trillion-dollar question:

How should one act upon the objects within one’s Field Of Experience?

The moment we see the word ‘should’ is the moment that alarm bells should start ringing. Why? Because the very existence of the word itself betrays the presence of a single unified ideal that manifests itself through human conduct. This singular invisible archetype is universally recognised and respected by every three year old and therefore we might safely assume, by every human collective that seeks to temper relevance with longevity.

What is the name of this archetype?


Faithfully yours,

Dr Sasha Kanthan
Professional Facilitator
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