Ideological possession

What is ideological possession?

Applied Philosophy

Dear Reader,

Since my last post in December 2022 I have taken a break from my monthly blog which was seeking to showcase a series of philosophical definitions that make everyday concepts highly accessible to both myself and the layperson. I have since shifted my focus to a number of practical projects that build upon these concepts and the underlying skills gained to solve real world challenges.

At the philosophical level, I retain an interest in ideological possession and how being aware of it and speaking about it in a responsible manner might be the key to unlocking human potential.

You will find me active on Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube. Please use the links in the top right corner to locate me on social media. This website will remain an important part of my professional resume going forwards.


Faithfully yours,

Dr Sasha Kanthan
Professional Facilitator
On Foundations of Healing 🌤️

PS. This philosophical letter is dedicated to Bernardo Kastrup and the Essentia Foundation for their commitment to academic rigour through coherence, internal logical consistency, conceptual parsimony, empirical adequacy and explanatory power.

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