What is the sceptre of responsibility?

What is the sceptre of responsibility?

Applied Philosophy

Dear Reader,

My core existentialist message is:

Your circumstances can define you OR you can choose to define yourself.

What is the secret to this core message?

This message will serve anyone if they choose to act with restraint, courage, and integrity in the face of life’s inevitable challenges. It operates on the presumption that it’s either everyone’s fault or no one’s fault. It requires us to choose to be responsible especially when we believe it’s not our fault.

Society prizes individuals that ask questions, take measured risks, and push boundaries. It accepts that these individuals will often fail. I suspect there are critical systems in place to guard, protect, and defend them.

Society recognises that if it wants to benefit from the sometimes naive but perhaps no less important vision put forward by these citizens then it must commit to finding a place for them. I believe that this is accomplished through the formation of a sacred unwritten contract.

Society will offer these individuals a beautiful test of standards in the form of a sceptre (whatever a sceptre looks like in that part of the world you don’t happen to live in). And it will say unto them:

‘Here is a priceless sceptre. Do you wish to take it?


Faithfully yours,

Dr Sasha Kanthan

Professional Facilitator

On Foundations of Healing